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Kensington Club COOP

is a cooperative that rents facilities to its members and their guests for hunting and fishing activities, in addition to a range of outdoor activities.

Located in

the natural setting of the Gatineau Valley and the Laurentians, the cooperative provides easy access to what was once the exclusive hunting and fishing territory of a large Outaouais paper mill.


it is the user cooperators who have taken possession of it and are responsible for its management.


The Kensington Club, Hunting and Fishing Cooperative, offers its owners and users facilities for fishing, hunting and recreation throughout the four seasons in a natural, rustic and friendly setting.


Club Kensington Coop offers you a look back into its past. Co-op member Rick Aubrey paints a vivid portrait of the history of the Club, starting even before it was founded as a private club in the 1940s until the co-op was founded today. Pick up this 109-page book at the front desk for $ 20 per copy plus $ 5 shipping.

Cindy Gascon

Cindy Gascon


Madame Cindy Gascon préside les assemblées générales et les réunions du conseil. Elle assure le respect des règlements et surveille l’exécution des décisions prises en assemblée générale et au conseil.

Alain Bonneville

Alain Bonneville


As Vice-President, Mr. Alain Bonneville assumes the obligations of the President in the event that the President is absent or unable to act.

Pierre Collerette

Pierre Collerette


The secretary is responsible for writing the minutes of general assemblies and board meetings. He is responsible for keeping and guarding the register and archives of the Coop. He transmits notices of convocation of general meetings and of the council.

Pierre Poulin

Pierre Poulin

Director responsible for the campsite

Yvan Rocamora

Yvan Rocamora

Director responsible for renovations

Derrick Frenette

Derrick Frenette

Director responsible for online recruitment


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Become a member

The Kensington Club Cooperative is a free and voluntary association of men and women whose objectives are to enjoy hunting and fishing activities in a peaceful and natural environment in the heart of a site which is enchanting with its authentic and traditional appearance.

Any natural person can become a member of the cooperative by purchasing 250 shares at a price of $ 10 each. However, in order to ensure reasonable availability of facilities, the number of cooperators is limited to 119.

However, it is possible for a person who is not a member of the cooperative to access the facilities if he is accompanied or recommended by a member of the cooperative.

You too can become a member.

Click on the following link to complete the request and send it by mail with a deposit of $ 100 (non-refundable) to the address indicated in the "Contact us" section.

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