Hunting Information

Territory and species

The Kensington Coop is located in the heart of one of the finest hunting area in Quebec. The territories to which it gives access covers both the region of the Gatineau Valley and the tourist region of the Laurentians.

White-tailed deer

The white-tailed deer is certainly the lord of the place. From the club you have access to more than 250 square kilometers of mixed forest (deciduous and coniferous) which is ideal for this game. We practice hunting with bow, crossbow, black powder and rifle.

In addition, since 2002, the Wildlife Foundation has provided financial support for work to enhance the habitat of white-tailed deer. These, as well as many organizations such as the Société sylvicole de la Haute-Gatineau, the Office des producteurs de bois de la Gatineau and others, have managed to devastate deer in the surrounding forest at the club.


Small game is a fun activity for the whole family.

  • Ruffed grouse
  • Hare
  • Wild turkey


Other species are also present in the territory.


E- The hunt

  1. Any slaughtered game, small or large, as well as migratory birds such as ducks, bustards, etc., must be reported on the forms provided for this purpose.

  2. Watchtowers and archery caches are prohibited on the club's main and secondary paths. Hunting between the firebreak and Kensington Lake is prohibited. The archery zone begins 200 feet on either side of the main path (entrance) and from 1000 feet before the stop. Crossbows are prohibited in the bow hunting area.

  3. During big game hunting, the use of ATVs is reserved exclusively for going to the hunting areas.

For more information on hunting at Club Kensington, please refer to the following link:

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